His Kind Question - "Do People Like It?" 


The respected General Secretary, who continues his devoted service for the people, always asks a question to officials whenever he witnesses works for the good of the people or creatures for them.

"Do the people like it?"

It is not a long question but it reflects the pains of the great father who always considers the people’s minds, devotes his all to them and thoroughly pursues the people’s demands and interests in his all works and practices.

He coherently considers how to provide the people with greater delight and happiness.

He always sees to it that officials do every work as demanded by the people and estimates the success or failure by the appreciation of people. This is his boundlessly lofty spirit of serving the people and noble view on them.

When he visited a new picturesque village in Kangbuk-ri he repeatedly asked if the inhabitants, the farmers were pleased with the new living environment that had been rebuilt after damage due to rainstorm and strong wind. Noting that he was very pleased to hear that they were feeling glad, he said that our Party certainly had done good things.

On the day when he visited the Kumkhop General Foodstuff Factory for Sportspeople, hearing in delight that the people liked the foodstuffs of the factory he said that it was good if the people liked it and the criterion of evaluation was precisely the people’s appreciation. At that time seeing his broad smile the people deeply engraved in their minds the peerlessly great man’s world of love for the people.

"Do the people like it?"

His question comprises his absolute criterion that every work must be planned true to the people’s demands and interests and the result must be estimated by the people’s appreciation.

Rodong Sinmun