Thousands of Dwelling Houses Built in Jagang Province


 Thousands of dwelling houses have been built in Jagang Province this year in hearty response to the decisions of the Eighth Party Congress.

In order to provide the people with more civilized living conditions, the province mapped out a plan for building dwelling houses on a long-term basis and stepped up the building project giving priority to designing and the supply of materials.

With a single mind to bring about substantial changes in improving the standard of people's living this year, the first year of the new five-year plan, the officials of the province, cities and counties creditably organized and commanded the project, while focusing manpower and means on the building project.

Hundreds of houses were built in Kanggye City alone, giving a facelift to the city.

Model villages were built and cozy modern houses and multi-storey dwelling houses were completed for working people in other cities and counties.

Rodong Sinmun