He Only Thinks of People


New Definition of Normalization of Production


A few years ago the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un inspected a factory and redefined the conception of normalization of production.

He said that officials of the factory might think the production of their factory had certainly been put onto the right track of normal basis but they should have a correct understanding of the normalization of production. Saying that it was useless to produce goods which did not meet tastes of the people or were not favored by them however large they might be, he added that the conception of putting production on normal basis should contain the meaning of making one’s products beloved and preferred by people and highly demanded by them.

In general the conception of normalization of production used to be regarded as an economic and technical one in which one’s facilities were operated to the full to fulfill one’s task.

However the respected General Secretary redefined it as above.

It was a meaningful definition which could have only been laid down by the respected General Secretary who values the people more than anyone else.


It Must Be Ensured on Highest Possible Level


One day in late October a few years ago the respected General Secretary inspected Samjiyon City under construction. He learned about the construction in detail for a long time.

He said that shoveling even a spadeful of earth or plastering even a square meter should be done conscientiously just as the real owner of the house would do, stressing the need to build all structures to be monumental edifices of lasting significance in the era of the Workers’ Party by thoroughly ensuring quality on the highest level.

His meaningful words represented his endless love for the people.

Rodong Sinmun