Meetings of Young Activists in Displaying Noble Traits Held in DPRK


Meetings of young activists in displaying noble traits were held by the youth league committees of the Cabinet and the Ministry of Railways.

Attending the meetings were youth league officials, activists in displaying noble traits and young people of the Cabinet and the Ministry of Railways.

There were speeches after the reports at the meetings.

The reporters and speakers said that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, ushering in a golden age of the Korean youth movement true to the noble intention of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, invited the young people who volunteered to work in difficult and labor consuming fields of the socialist construction to the Youth Day celebrations in August and bestowed great favors on them.

They referred to the spirit of devotedly defending the Party Central Committee and good deeds actively displayed by the young people across the country to devote themselves to the society, collective and comrades.

They said that young people volunteered to work in difficult and labor consuming fields including the livestock farming base in the Sepho area and displayed the good deeds of becoming grandsons and granddaughters of war veterans and mates of honored disabled soldiers and made valuable sci-tech achievements that make a tangible contribution to the building of a prosperous country.

They noted that the countless number of possessors of noble traits being produced in the struggle for implementing the decisions set forth at the historic Party congress is the expression of the revolutionary view on life of the young people of our times who have firm determination to share their destinies with socialism forever and find honor and worth of life on the road of upholding the mother Party.

They called for adding further luster to the honor of being vanguard and shock brigade in the general advance for implementing the decisions of the 8th Party Congress and the administrative policies of the DPRK government, full of firm conviction in socialism and with confidence and optimism about sure victory.


Rodong Sinmun