Undertaking for Making Turn in Education Is Brisk in DPRK


Universities in the DPRK including Kim Il Sung University and Kim Chaek University of Technology set high goals of making a turn in education, true to the task set forth at the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea.

These goals aim to build the universities as research type ones by welding education, scientific research and production together.

The universities have intensified the work for establishing new school subjects, turning departments into laboratories and research institutes, improving education programme, making the contents of education practical, comprehensive and modern and positively searching and introducing good teaching and ability evaluation methods.

The work for perfecting the education contents of dozens of subjects at the level of those of first-class universities is at its final stage and the work for improving the teachers' quality and ability and fully preparing the students to be development-, creation- and practice-type talents are being pushed forward.

Successes have been made in newly establishing research institutes and laboratories, turning research rooms into open type ones to meet the current trend in the development of education and the needs of the present situation, creating fresh teaching methods, etc.

Being intensified is the campaign for completing the scientific research tasks urgent for putting the production on a normal basis and for ensuring technical remodeling in different sectors of the national economy.

The universities for training teachers accelerate the work for improving education programme and fully preparing teachers, consistent with the second program for the universal 12-year compulsory education being worked out.

Rodong Sinmun