Quality of Goods and Their View of Service


One July day in Juche 103(2014) the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un provided field guidance to the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory.

He dropped in at a workteam for injection-molded shoes production.

He got near a plastic sole injector, held in his hand a boot sole which had been just produced and rubbed its outsole against the surface of a working table.

Accompanying officials didn’t know why.

Then the respected General Secretary said to them that shoes with such outsoles would be slippy as the dimples were too shallow.

After a while, he learned about the intaglio and the state of material supply and emphasized that he preferred quality to quantity in shoes production and the quality of shoes must be decisively raised.

He visited the factory again in December, Juche 107(2018) and said that the factory should lend an ear to the public comment, deeply consider what kinds of shoes people of different ages and jobs like in different seasons and thus produce more shoes favored and demanded by all men and women, young and old.

That day he said in sheer delight that he came to the factory without notice and witnessed plenty of shoes. He was very satisfied and pleased to see the factory in which the production has been put on a normal basis and the high-quality shoes gushed out with a big spurt.

Indeed, the respected General Secretary has always been very zealous to provide our beloved people with the best things in the world.

Rodong Sinmun