Pride of Making Revolution


In November a few years ago, the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited a fishery station and was so satisfied to see the temporary outside store overflowing with fishes. He said that the scene was great and it was a sea of fishes, in the true sense of the word.

At that time, officials of the station worried about the processing issue of fishes. They increased the manpower of processing team but it was difficult to cope with the daily increasing fish catches.

Seeing through their hearts, the respected General Secretary said that they had been distressed by insufficient hauls before but now they worried about big fish hauls.

An official honestly told him that they were quite at a loss what to do when "Tanphung" fishing vessels fully loaded with fishes entered port one after another.

Feasting his eyes on the fishes, he said that it was a very good thing and he deeply felt the pride of working and making a revolution with fresh strength whenever he heard such blissful story.

After a little while, he said that he had been painful not to provide soldiers and people with fishes, adding that he would send more super quick freezing and refrigerating facilities to the station to put the processing line on a higher mechanized and automated basis.

The officials of the station vowed to give only pleasure to the respected General Secretary by continuously making big hauls.

Rodong Sinmun