Those Strong in Spirit Grow under His Great Care


A Key to Increased Production


In May several years ago the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited a general machinery plant. He looked round the newly built revolutionary museum of the plant.

Earlier the respected General Secretary had visited the plant to say that the workers, who did not cherished in their hearts the guidance exploits of the great leaders, could not be the masters of production and any appeal could not make them increase production. Then he had instructed that officials must intensify the ideological education among the workers in order to normalize the production and raise the quality of products.

Looking round the newly built revolutionary museum, the respected General Secretary said that a key to increased production was to constantly put emphasis on the ideological education for fully evoking mental strength of the workers.

Indeed, the respected General Secretary’s instruction made clear the major factor deciding success or failure of all works.


Invariably and Steadily


One day the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited a factory and dropped in at the revolutionary museum. He told officials that the scores of years-long history of the factory was recorded with the lofty spirit and revolutionary spirit and remarkable creation and feats of the working class who had upheld our Party with their pure conscience and sense of obligation from generation to generation by replying only one word “Yes,” and devotedly implementing the Party’s plans if desired by the Party.

In fact, but for the benevolent care of the respected General Secretary always keeping the working class of the factory in his mind, they could not achieve such successes.

He earnestly instructed that the ideological education work, fundamental key to working miracles and making innovations, should be intensified in order to give full play to the spiritual strength of the popular masses so that the history of loyalty of the factory remaining faithful to our Party with high production results and its brilliant tradition should be handed down invariably and steadily.

The precious teachings bearing the great trust and love of the respected General Secretary serve as a driving force to glorify the honor of vanguard which is unfailingly loyal to our Party.

Rodong Sinmun