Campaign for Winning Title of Model Sci-tech Learning Space Brisk in DPRK


The campaign for winning the title of model sci-tech learning space is briskly underway across the country.

This year alone, over 230 units have won the title amid the vigorous efforts for propelling the implementation of the decisions of the Party congress and the development of units by preparing the producer masses to be intelligent workers in charge of sci-tech development.

Through the campaign gaining momentum, many units have adopted valuable inventions and new creative ideas and thus laid material and technological foundation for putting production on a normal basis by equipping themselves with necessary apparatuses and setting up database for substantial operation of sci-tech learning spaces.

As a result, the number of technicians and skilled workers increases and employees are raising their technical skills while studying enrolled in distance education system.

The smooth operation of sci-tech learning spaces also helps settling problems in the improvement of quality of products and the production and making a breakthrough in revitalizing the production.

Rodong Sinmun