Among Tender-hearted Persons


There is a cheerful girl fond of laughing in the High-Speed Youth Shock Brigade Management Bureau.

Most of persons do not know the fact that she is parentless.

When she suffered a misfortune accidently a few years ago, officials of the bureau called on her to take care of her with brotherly love. She felt parental affection from them.

Their care of the girl was further deepened as days went by.

Also her neighbors and many acquaintances formed one family with her. In those days, she could get back her vigor gradually with merry laugh.

She became a member of the shock brigade following her father. Now the officers and comrades of the shock brigade show their sincerity for her.

She says: "I am not by any means alone under the warm love of tender-hearted persons."

Implied in her earnest words is warmness of our society where everybody lives in a large harmonious family.

Rodong Sinmun