Caring for Development of Local Specialties


In April, Juche 108(2019), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un taught how to cook boiled rice with clams from the East Sea of Korea.

That day, he personally named the dish and made sure it became a specialty of Kangwon Province.

Here are other stories about his efforts to develop local specialties.

In July several years ago, the respected General Secretary told officials it was important to make nice local specialties in developing traditional dishes.

He taught that such specialties had to be made with marine products in seaside regions and with wild vegetables like brackens or ferns in mountainous areas and that, in seaside regions alone, laver dishes had to be made in laver-producing places and pickled dishes in shrimp- or anchovy-producing places.

One August day, he instructed to do full justice to the peculiar flavor of green gram jelly and, one spring day, said earnestly that officials as well as experts had to be well versed in culinary culture in order that provinces might properly invent and develop special dishes of their own.

Blessed with such loving care of the respected General Secretary, we are heading towards a brighter future full of joy and optimism.

Rodong Sinmun