A Centenarian Regains Her Sight


A few days ago we visited a centenarian in Tongdaewon District.

As we arrived, we saw her reading Party Paper Rodong Sinmun in the room. When we asked her if the letters were clear to her she nodded at us.

In fact, she had poor sight before.

Her children sent her to the Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital to have an operation.

Her life in hospital enabled not only the centenarian herself but also her whole family to keenly feel the gratitude to our socialist system.

Doctors and nurses there had provided her with a particularly ordered eye patch and gave her pleasure by carrying pharmaceuticals good for recuperation and foodstuffs.

The centenarian showed us several photos. In the photos she was with her children and grandchildren when she received the benevolent birthday spread in April.

The happiness of the whole family reflected in the photos was, indeed, not merely brought by the passage of the time.

It is attributable to our great Party and socialist society constantly implementing the popular policies in spite of all trials and difficulties.


Rodong Sinmun