"We Are under Your Unlimited Love"


The Samjiyon City People’s Hospital which was built as a standard regional hospital, has everything needed to diagnose and treat patients quickly and accurately.

The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un said that competent medical workers must be prepared to use and run the modern medical appliances.

True to his instruction, numbers of medical workers of the hospital had practical training at a central hospital and medical workers of central hospitals came to Samjiyon for improving their abilities.

A lot of touching stories are heard at the Samjiyon City People’s Hospital erected thanks to the benevolent love of the respected General Secretary.

In August, a child in a critical condition was carried to the pediatrics of the hospital. The medical workers of the hospital did their best to cure the child.

They sat up all night with the patient for several days and strived to improve the patient’s nutritive conditions.

The child’s parents were deeply moved to tears.

At last a miracle happened. The patient was restored to health after ten-odd days.

The parents extended their gratitude to the respected General Secretary and burst out the excitement as follows;

"We are under your unlimited love."

This is the voice of all the people in Samjiyon City. It conveys the warm love of our Party for the people and their ardent will to repay its love.


Rodong Sinmun