Distinguished Ideo-theoretical Wisdom


The great ideo-theoretical wealth is positively necessary for one country and nation to achieve the victory and prosperity by steadily advancing without flinching in any adversity.

In the course of advancing to socialism and communism, human ideal, the importance of the ideo-theoretical guidelines is more clearly displayed as the revolution and construction progress vigorously.

Chairman Kim Jong Il, a peerless philosopher and outstanding ideological theoretician, bequeathed the great ideological and theoretical treasure-house to us in his lifetime.

In the whole period of his revolutionary career, the Chairman, eternal leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea and our people and the great man lauded by the world, provided the noble guidelines illuminating the road ahead of all generations of the nation with his outstanding wisdom and energetic ideological and theoretical activities and achieved undying feats to turn the country into an invincible ideological power.

He formulated the President Kim Il Sung’ s revolutionary idea as Kimilsungism, put forward modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism as the supreme programme of the WPK and gave unique and clear answers to the theoretical and practical problems arising in each period and stage of development of the revolution.

Today the treasure-house of Juche idea provided by the Chairman is being enriched by the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

Our people vigorously advancing toward a great fresh victory of the revolution under the guidance of the respected General Secretary will surely build the powerful socialist country of Juche by glorifying the immortal ideo-theoretical feats of the Chairman and thoroughly implementing his behests.

Rodong Sinmun