Single-minded Unity, Precious Revolutionary Legacy




Only our socialist motherland advances by dint of great idea of single-minded unity and shines with peculiar features which no other country can imitate.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said that he regarded the single-minded unity as the weapon of our revolution since he set out on the struggle to carry forward and accomplish the glorious revolutionary cause of Juche.

He warmly instructed that the single-minded unity is his revolutionary philosophy.

Looking back upon human history, every statesman stressed the importance of unity and strived to achieve the unity.

But, any other party in the world and statesman did not even present the idea of ten millions’ firm unity based on one ideology and one center.

It is none other than Chairman Kim Jong Il who could form the great single-minded unity centred on the leader based on the revolutionary comradeship and obligation with the same idea and will.

Our single-minded unity has been further strengthened as the absolute weapon of Juche Korea and the irresistible force by seasoned and wise leadership of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un to fully display its might.

Rodong Sinmun