Devotion of All His Life to People


Whenever December comes, all our people ardently yearn for Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Chairman Kim Jong Il devoted himself to happiness of our people with love for people as his natural disposition.

All the people solemnly recollect the great feats of the Chairman to whom we entrusted our destiny and future.

Every part of this land is associated with guiding exploits of the Chairman who visited every nook and corner of the country ranging from alpine areas to areas on borders to provide our people with bases of happiness.

We can vividly remember the roads to front and blizzard-swept roads which our Chairman went through with indomitable will to defend our people’s dignity and destiny in the period of Arduous March which was the toughest in history of our country.

The Chairman couldn’t have the humble gruel-prepared-meal by the thought of our people suffering hardships and often brought back the rice-balls untouched by lack of time during his field guidance.

Thanks to his such painstaking efforts the sky over our country has always remained blue and eternal foundation for building a thriving nation has been further consolidated. Indeed, these achievements serve as national-historic feats to defend our people and make our people enjoy wealthy lives and guarantee the eternal future of our people.

To sum up the whole life of the Chairman, who made high-intensity forced march on a train of journey for the people all his life burning his heart with the desire to find out even one more thing to do for the sake of our people, there was only people in his mind.

Rodong Sinmun