Putting Spurs to Production of Consumer Goods While Enlisting
All Reserves and Potentialities


The officials and working class of the light-industry sector are giving spurs to the work to conclude the year-end’s production campaign with a wholehearted desire to decisively increase the production of quality consumer goods conducive to the improvement of people’s living standard.

Officials and working class of the textile and knitting industries, aware that production results depend on the operation rate of equipment, are striving to increase the production of consumer goods strictly observing technical and standard regulations of operation.

Shoes making units including the Ryuwon Footwear Factory and Pyongyang Footwear Factory are conducting a vigorous struggle to victoriously conclude this year’s production campaign ensuring raw and other materials by tapping and enlisting latent reserves and potentialities in parallel with the persevering work to produce more new goods which meet our people’s taste and demand.

The officials, technicians and working people of daily necessities and cosmetics industry including the Hamhung Disabled Soldiers’ Essential Plastic Goods Factory, Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory and Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory are putting primary efforts to the work of strengthening technical forces from the standpoint that only when they hold fast to science and technology can they produce more consumer goods. And also they are actively conducting the work to transfer and share the advanced technology and experiences and to gain better results in accordance with the progress they have made by regarding domestic production of raw and other materials and their recycling as the main solution.


Rodong Sinmun