Wherever We Go and Whoever We Meet


Giving Top Priority to Working People’s Health


In April, Juche 53(1964), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the Kanggye Youth Power Station nearing completion. 

Looking round the power station, the Chairman stopped suddenly by the moisture formed in one corner on the ceiling. 

Having a shadow pass over his face, the Chairman said that if workers labor in such a damp place their health could be damaged by arthritis and the officials must take measures to rectify it at an early date. 

On the reply of the officials that they would surely rectify it later, the Chairman said they must start right away, not in future. He earnestly instructed that we could not run the plant without proper measure with regard to labor safety and we must guarantee the health of our working people even though inaugural ceremony was delayed.


Loving Care Shown for Woman Assembler 


Twenty-odd years ago, Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a factory. 

Looking at a woman assembler’s working he praised her for quickness in assembling bearings. 

He was informed by an accompanying official that she had a nursing baby and her husband was a long way from her factory. 

Then the Chairman appreciated that she assembled bearings quickly without any mistake although she cared family circumstances. 

After listening to her saying that she would never leave the factory even though she had to change her job following her husband, serving as an officer, the Chairman took benevolent measures to let her husband move to another place near her factory. 

It was an honor that she hardly deserved. 


Giving Undeserved Thanks 


Once, Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a complex located on the east coast of the northern end of Korea. 

That day, he looked round the duck farm, which was built by the complex itself and had put the production on a normal basis. Looking with an air of satisfaction at officials of the complex, he said that the complex changed its looks beyond recognition within a few years and all the factories and enterprises must learn from its achievements and experiences. Expressing his satisfaction at the complex, he instructed to convey his thanks to all its workers, technicians and officials. 

Looking up to the Chairman who gave benevolent thanks to them the working class of the complex extended greetings of thanks to him. 

   Rodong Sinmun