Saying Self-reliance Is the Best 


In September, Juche 88(1999), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited an electric appliances general factory. 

Passing through the case-assembling shop, he went to the general-appliances shop and approached a switchboard under assembling. 

He looked at every nook and corner of the switchboard attentively and said that he didn’t care about its unattractive appearance and electricity was not generated by a switchboard or a feeder box but an electric generator. Then he added that he didn’t like those who boasted of their pretentiously-constructed buildings of small- and medium-sized power stations and glittering incidental equipment such as switchboards. 

After a while he said that when he visited a place there was a showy imported switchboard but it was out of order and, worse still, there were no spare parts to fix it up. Then he proudly asserted that it carried conviction to him that ours were the best. 

Ours are the best! 

His teachings on the day were precisely a priceless appraisal of our workers’ revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.

   Rodong Sinmun