Project for Expanding Cement Storage Capacity Actively Promoted


In North Hamgyong Province they are putting more spurs to the preparation work for rural construction.

The historic 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea emphasized the need to dynamically wage the struggle for drastically changing the living environment of rural inhabitants.

Cherishing deep in their minds the importance of perfect preparation in achieving the goal of socialist rural construction, the officials there are directing primary attention to it under the guidance of the North Hamgyong Provincial Party Committee.

Accordingly, the work for building or expanding storehouses of cement is brisk in cities and counties.

In Hoeryong City they are accelerating the construction of cement storehouses of large capacity at the final stage by tapping and enlisting all their internal reserves.

In Yonsa County they are pushing ahead with the construction while taking drastic measures to prevent buildings from being frozen and keep them warm in winter and guaranteeing its quality.

Other areas such as Kilju and Kyongwon counties are also pushing forward the construction while channeling efforts to strengthening the construction forces.

In the province they awaken the officials on several occasions, strengthen their construction forces, secure ample construction equipment, supply finishing building materials on their own, etc.

Like this, they are making the preparation work for rural construction in three dimensions.

Rodong Sinmun