Precious Treasure


Once the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un instructed officials that they should regard the trust and expectation of people as their whole life and said as follows:

There is nothing more great, precious, thick and powerful than trust in both revolutionary struggle and life. The revolutionaries can be more indomitable and genuine persons than anyone else as they have trust in righteousness of their cause and in their comrades and people. And also the revolutionary struggle is the most worthwhile and the life of revolutionaries shines as they are trusted by comrades and people. It is the struggle and life of a revolutionary that if he is trusted by comrades and people, he can brave all kinds of difficulties and adversities and if not, he cannot advance even a step forward and loses everything; hence it can be said that the trust precisely means the life of the revolutionary and all of his life.

The respected General Secretary, who believes in the people as in heaven and values the trust of people, emphasizes on every occasion that the officials should repay the trust and expectation of people without fail.

Be faithful to the trust of people to the end!

This is the unshakable will and the ardent desire of the respected General Secretary.

There is no such a benevolent father of people and great defender of people in the world as the respected General Secretary who goes through the road of do-or-die revolution without hesitation and accepts difficulties with pleasure to live up to the people’s trust.

Rodong Sinmun