Most Sacred Call


In the long human history, the word "people" was the synonym for common and ordinary human beings.

But in our country they are regarded as heaven to be most sacredly upheld and the most precious being to whom everything should be devoted.

The people have existed in every age of the time. But history has not witnessed such people in our country who are upheld with dignity before. Only in our country all the issues related to people are prioritized as the most important revolutionary tasks and the overall Party and state affairs are oriented to people thanks to the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

The respected General Secretary, at the speech made at the military parade and public procession of Pyongyang citizens marking the 70th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, reviewed our Party’s 70-year-long history and attributed everything-mightiness, greatness and victories achieved by our Party to people.

Indeed, no other man in the world can be equal to him, a great politician who holds people in high esteem.

The respected General Secretary believes in people as in heaven succeeding the lofty viewpoint on people of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Rodong Sinmun