Lots of Scrap Iron Sent to Chollima Steel Complex


Pyongyang renders powerful assistance to the metal industry sector.

On Jan. 17, it sent a large amount of scrap iron to the Chollima Steel Complex.

Its officials went out to districts, counties and factories and enterprises to inform the people there in depth of the idea and spirit of the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, thus revving up their enthusiasm for assisting the metal industry.

Meanwhile, scrupulous arrangements were made for the transportation of scrap iron.

Officials in Songyo, Sosong, Central, Sadong and Moranbong districts gave precedence to rousing the residents to scrap iron collection and set personal examples in obtaining lots of scrap iron in a short period.

Officials of Mangyongdae, Taedonggang and Rangnang districts tried to convert the scrap iron collection into a mass-based undertaking on one hand and strived to send the collected scrap iron timely to the steel producers on the other.

Factories and enterprises in Pyongyang like its Power Distribution Station, Rubber Factory and Condiment Factory made achievements by focusing on tapping as many sources of scrap iron as possible.

Encouraged by the sincere assistance of officials, Party members and other working people in Pyongyang, workers at the Chollima Steel Complex are making redoubled efforts to increase production.


Rodong Sinmun