Work for Rice and Wheat Farming Intensified in DPRK


Officials in the agricultural field of the DPRK are intensifying the work to push ahead with the cultivation of rice and wheat this year.

Officials of the provincial-level agricultural guidance organs conduct in a planned way the work for securing the cultivation areas, one of the main ways for implementing the grain production plan.

They have concentrated efforts on expanding the area of paddy fields, ensuring double-cropping on a large scale and widely cultivating the dry-field rice.

They strive to find a way for carrying out the plan for spring sowing while analyzing the condition of wheat plants in the fields where seeds were sowed in autumn last year and reconfirming the cultivation area.

In order to provide a favorable condition for rice farming, North Phyongan Province focused efforts on the building of setups in the reclaimed tideland to expand the area of paddy fields and improve the irrigation system.

South Phyongan Province is taking measures to expand the area of rice fields by planting dry-field rice in dry lands and rain-dependent paddies and readjusting the areas around river basin.

Farms in Kangwon Province are transforming dry fields of large area into paddy fields while finding a way for supplying irrigation water.

Farms in North Hwanghae Province are increasing the area of spring sowing under a plan for securing the cultivation area.

Agricultural officials in various provinces take steps to bring the guidance over farming close to the field with accurate plan, while pushing ahead with the work to make the production bases in provinces, cities and counties supply various kinds of nutrition liquid to farms.

Rodong Sinmun