Meetings Held in DPRK


Officials and workers of every city, county and complex of the DPRK had meetings to vow to step up the three-revolution red flag movement as required by the great era of Kim Jong Un.

Reports were made at the meetings.

The reporters stressed that the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un's historic letter "Let Us Achieve a Comprehensive Development of Socialism by Kindling the Fierce Flames of the Three Revolutions" is a great practical programme and a militant banner as it clarified the clear-cut tasks and ways for bringing about fresh innovations and changes on all fronts of socialist construction by transforming all our revolutionary positions in line with the demands of the three revolutions.

Basing himself on the scientific analysis and appraisal of the prevailing situation and circumstances, the General Secretary clarified the idea that fundamental turns should be effected in all realms of ideology, technology and culture under the uplifted banner of the three revolutions so as to achieve the victory of Korean-style socialism without fail, they noted.

Speaking out their mind over the great programme for transforming the whole society in line with the demands of the three revolutions in the worthwhile course of ushering in the period of a new transformation in our revolution, the reporters expressed the resolution to attain the high goals for the five-year plan set forth by the 8th Party Congress by dint of the three revolutions, ideological, technical and cultural, and to bring earlier the victory of socialism.

At the meetings, the objectives of the three-revolution red flag movement were announced and then oath-taking speeches were made.

Speakers called on officials, Party members and other working people to bring about a great turn in the three-revolution red flag movement so as to realize as soon as possible the great aspiration and ideal of our Party to bring earlier the victory of socialism and communism.


Rodong Sinmun