Innovations in Machine-building Industry of DPRK


Officials and workers in the machine-building industrial sector of the DPRK are making innovations in the production of equipment and spare parts needed for various economic sectors, true to the decisions of the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The Ministry of Machine-building Industry set stepwise goals for producing quality machine tools, trucks, tractors, transformers, etc. before taking practical measures to attain them.

Officials and workers in different machine-building bases have striven to produce ordered equipment of various kinds and spare parts.

The Taean Heavy Machine Complex pushes ahead with the production of spare parts of machines to be supplied to different units including the Sunchon Cement Complex, and the Taean Electric Appliances Factory accelerates the manufacturing of electric motors needed for the major construction projects.

The Ryongsong Machine Complex puts spurs to the production of compressors to be sent to the coal industrial sector while the Ryangchaek and Pyongyang bearing factories produce various sizes of bearings necessary for different economic sectors.

Officials and workers at the machine tool factories, too, are exerting their strenuous efforts on producing more quality machine tools.

Rodong Sinmun