With the People on His Mind All the Time


 Fruit of His Painstaking Efforts


Once, the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un inspected the Mirim Riding Club near completion.

Wherever in the riding club he went, he expressed his satisfaction with its splendid view. Noting that a lot of construction projects were done that year, he said with pride that modern monumental edifices were built to contribute to the people’s cultural and emotional life and their wellbeing.

That day, he said that he was always obsessed with the thought about what else could be done for the people who are honest, diligent and revolutionary and that construction for them had to be carried on.

Indeed, the treasures growing in number in our country are precious fruits of ardent love and painstaking efforts of the respected General Secretary for the people.

Officials made up their minds to actively contribute to letting the great heyday of construction continue true to the lofty intention of the respected General Secretary.


The Greatest of All Prides


Whenever the respected General Secretary sees things for the people, he says that they make him feel the pride of making revolution.

One October day in Juche 104(2015), he visited Paekhak-dong in Sonbong area, Rason City, which had been completely recovered from the flood damage, thanks to the noble love of the Party. He asked if the newly-built dwellings were better than the former ones, if the floor heaters worked well and if water was provided sufficiently, and said he was glad that the people liked the new houses, which made him feel the pride of making revolution.

Feasting his eyes on the picturesque houses built anew in the flood-stricken region, he expressed his greatest satisfaction and happiness in warm feelings.

We are truly the happiest people in the world as we hold the respected General Secretary in high esteem, who devotes his life only to providing the people with joy and happiness, as our father.

Rodong Sinmun