With Warm Love and Sincerity


On the school-starting day some years ago, among the new pupils entering Thongilgori Senior Middle School in Rangnang District, was Ri Yon Hui with sadness of losing her mother unexpectedly.

On the evening of that day a woman visited her house. She was teacher Kim Myong Hui.

Saying that she was to be in charge of Ri Yon Hui and the country took warm care of the children across the country, she suggested bringing up Ri to be an excellent pupil. Looking at the teacher Yon Hui’s grandmother and father were moved to tears.

Since then Kim Myong Hui has been the strict teacher sometimes and other times Yon Hui’s careful mother to channel the love and affection to Ri. Thanks to her sincerity Ri Yon Hui and her family got close as if they were one family.

Kim Myong Hui visited their home on holidays and birthdays annually to congratulate and add animation and vitality to them. Looking at her who spent the New Year’s Day with them, they felt keenly the warm love and affection full in the socialist society.

Thanks to love and affection, happy laughter reverberates throughout the country despite any manifold hardships.


Rodong Sinmun