Young People Take Lead in Protecting Crops from Drought Damage 


Young people in the field of agriculture across the country take the lead in the campaign for protecting crops from drought damage.

Those in South Hwanghae Province have watered many fields being damaged by drought every day.

Young people of the cooperative farms in Nampho City including Chongsan Co-op Farm in Kangso District and Yaksu Co-op Farm have watered the fields and improved nutritive conditions of crops.

Young people have played a leading role in securing water source.

Those of Wongyo Co-op Farm and Taesong Co-op Farm in Singye County, North Hwanghae Province have directed great efforts to reinforcing the underground water facilities while updating pumping equipment.

Members of the youth work-team of the Ryongchon County Irrigation Management Station in North Phyongan Province have supplied water to cooperative farms.

Rodong Sinmun