DPRK Focuses Efforts on Curbing Spread of Epidemic 


Emergency epidemic prevention organs at all levels in the DPRK focus efforts on blocking off and eliminating the source of spread of epidemic true to the decisions made at the 8th Political Bureau Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

All emergency epidemic prevention organs in Pyongyang City including Mangyongdae District have properly carried on the work to ensure the smooth business and production activities under the situation in which relevant areas are locked down and working, production and residential units are closed to each other.

Emergency epidemic prevention organs across the country have directed primary efforts to raising the public awareness on the importance of disinfection in checking and eliminating the source of epidemic.

They have also taken practical measures to thoroughly disinfect every working and living areas.

Officials of the emergency epidemic prevention organs at all levels have worked hard with determination to take the lead in the anti-epidemic campaign while perfectly checking and eliminating the source of spread of the malicious epidemic.

Meanwhile, medical workers across the country have turned out as one for the work to thoroughly quarantine persons with fever and abnormal symptoms and take steps for strengthening medical supervision and giving proactive treatment, fully aware of the importance of intensively examining the health of all inhabitants.

Rodong Sinmun