All-people Epidemic Prevention Campaign Emerging Victorious with Love and Devotion 


True to the idea and intention of the great Party Central Committee to brave the stern trials facing the country and people by dint of love and virtues, all the people of the DPRK are valiantly conducting a nationwide epidemic prevention campaign in a harmonious whole helping and leading each other forward.

The Party organizations and state organs at all levels have striven to take advantage of epidemic prevention campaign, sharing life and death with the people.

The leading and core role of the officials, primary information workers and other members of the entire Party is remarkably enhanced.

They are conducting a vigorous information offensive for overcoming the current health crisis with the politico-ideological and moral might peculiar to our state, while impressing the officials and working people in their regions and units with validity, efficiency and scientific accuracy of our Party's anti-epidemic policy.

Noble virtues and beautiful traits have been displayed to the full across the country after the touching news that medicines prepared by the family of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un and by officials of the Party Central Committee and their families with sincerity were sent to the inhabitants in South Hwanghae Province.

Senior officials of the Party and power organs and other officials and working people of many units across the country offered medicines, grains and money reserved by their families to medical institutions, families of war veterans and honored disabled soldiers and families in difficulty. Such good doings are becoming general traits of our society.

Officials of provincial, city and county people's committees are making selfless devotion for the people throughout the ongoing epidemic prevention war.

They have meticulously organized the work to supply goods to the people on the spot, pushing ahead with the work for affording convenience in people's life.

Nearly 8 000 service teams are now active in the country to provide the inhabitants with daily necessities and the total number of their members reaches 30 000.

Servicepersons in the military medical field of the Korean People's Army are fully displaying the beautiful traits of doing good things of their own choice for the civilians.

Medical workers and officials, teachers and students of medical colleges across the country have fulfilled their duty and responsibility for medical checkup and treatment of patients.

More than 2 400 retired medical workers, too, voluntarily joined the medical service.

The epidemic control is further intensified in a preemptive mode of thoroughly blocking and eradicating the source of epidemic, not in a passive way of working out follow-up measures.

The groups for rapid collective diagnosis, organized at national hospitals, are smartly coping with the patients with fever or abnormal symptoms, remaining constantly ready for prompt medical service to citizens of Pyongyang and technical help to local hospitals through a telemedicine system.

A nationwide system has been established to accurately estimate the outbreak of fever cases and take timely measures in cities and counties.

The central emergency epidemic prevention sector is taking steps to increase the production of masks, protective garments, etc. on a nationwide scale and sum up the total number of epidemic prevention materials and utilize them in the regions of crisis in a unified way.

Even under the maximum emergency epidemic prevention situation, the normal production is kept at key industrial sectors and large-scale construction projects are propelled without letup to provide the people with more civilized living conditions.

All the farms across the country are conducting the vigorous struggle to finish the rice-transplantation in time in the same spirit as was displayed during the Fatherland Liberation War.

Amid the display of the strong sense of organization, discipline and unity in which the entire Party and all the people act as one, rallied close around the Party Central Committee, and the spirit of stubborn struggle, noble collectivism and communist virtues, good results are reported steadily in the ongoing anti-epidemic war.

Rodong Sinmun