Anti-epidemic Campaign Intensified in DPRK 


The spread of the malignant epidemic is now stably curbed and controlled and the national epidemic prevention foundations consolidated in the DPRK, thanks to an orderly system established to carry out the tasks set forth at the 8th Political Bureau Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and consultative meetings of the Political Bureau.

After the establishment of an orderly guidance system to reverse the serious health crisis created in the country, the central emergency epidemic prevention sector has focused its efforts on curbing the spread of the epidemic and ensuring the treatment of patients while stepping up the material and technical preparations to cope with any possible future threat and challenge.

It made an epidemiological survey of several districts in Pyongyang City to confirm the characteristics of the malignant virus infection prevailing in the country and establish a scientific method for controlling it. It has made some achievements, deepening the study and analysis for estimating the changes in course of disease and medicinal reactions, characters of clinical signs, etc. compared with the first stage of sudden increase of fever's.

The emergency epidemic prevention sectors at all levels more strictly carry on an intensive all-people medical check-up, while directing big efforts to the medical observation with timely treatment and disinfection in keeping with completely curbing the spread of the virus.

On May 19 alone, nearly two hundreds of thousands of medical workers across the country conducted an intensive disinfection of more than 100 000 objects including public places and sanitation facilities.

On the basis of the precision analysis of data on the configuration of genes of the COVID-19 Omicron variants, the medical scientific research sector has enhanced the correctness and scientific accuracy of test and further perfected a treatment tactic with high efficiency by introducing Koryo medicines into the treatment.

Party organizations, power organs and working people's organizations at all levels intensify the propaganda and education to raise the epidemic prevention consciousness and responsibility among officials and working people and make them sincerely fulfill their voluntary duty.

All the provinces have organized emergency convoys to supply medicines on a regular basis to pharmacies and preventive and curative organs in cities and counties. And officials of the Party and power organs make a field survey of the sale of medicines every day to immediately solve knotty problems.

After learning about the distribution of drugstores in Ryongsong, Ryokpho, Rangnang and Sadong districts and other surrounding areas, members of the military medical field of the Korean People's Army additionally installed more than 20 temporary mobile medicine service centers in close connection with officials of Party and power organs. And they are devoting themselves to the supply of medicines and treatment, visiting families with fevered persons.

Officials of preventive and curative organs and teachers and students of medical worker training institutions across the country have conducted a 24-hour service campaign, dedicating their utmost sincerity to the protection of lives and health of the people.

Meanwhile, all the people across the country fulfill their duty as citizen, fully displaying the communist virtues and traits in the anti-epidemic campaign with the noble love of the Party Central Committee for the people deeply kept in mind. Their sincere deeds greatly contribute to cementing the epidemic prevention front.

Every sector of the national economy is stepping up the production and construction while strictly observing the isolation step.

The chance of winning in the anti-epidemic war is improving thanks to high enthusiasm of all the officials, Party members and working people striving to tide over the public health crisis.

Rodong Sinmun