Transport Precisely Leads to Production


Officials and workers of the railway transport sector are increasing transport while maintaining anti-epidemic posture.

Officials of the Ministry of Railways have made detailed survey into the demand of the major sectors of national economy for transport including the metal and chemical industries. On this basis they mapped out a scrupulous transport plan and strengthened the unified traffic control system to ensure the transport cargos to be carried to destinations in time.

The Pyongyang Railway Bureau keeps increasing transport while giving precedence to providing locomotives and freight cars necessary for major materials transport.

Those of the Kaechon Railway Bureau transport cargos to major factories and enterprises in a responsible way.

The Hamhung and Chongjin railway bureaus achieve more successes day after day while strengthening material and technical foundations of the wagon-repairing bases and comprehending in detail unloading times and loading situation of wagons.

Rodong Sinmun