Brisk Campaign for Producing Medicines and Medical Appliances


The officials and workers of pharmaceutical, Koryo medicine pharmaceutical and medical appliances factories across the country have made strenuous efforts to the utmost in hearty response to the decisions of the 8th Political Bureau Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

In particular, the officials and workers of the field of the pharmaceutical industry have brought about an upsurge in their production.

At the Sunchon Pharmaceutical Factory, the officials have worked with workers and aroused their revolutionary enthusiasm and creative activity to normalize the production of antibiotics in hard conditions.

Also the Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories have increased their production.

Bearing in mind that Koryo medicines are directly linked with life and safety of the people, the Moranbong Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory produced Koryo medicines, which are nearly equivalent to monthly output, within a few days and thus contributed to treatment of fevered persons in Moranbong District.

The Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factory in Huichon City registered remarkable production results in making Koryo medicine in quantity.

Meanwhile, the officials and employees of the medical appliances fields including the Nampho and Myohyangsan medical appliances factories have put spurs to producing more medical appliances.

Rodong Sinmun