Tears of Gratitude for Great Love and Outburst of Excitement at Warm Sincerity


Medicines prepared by the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un in his family were conveyed to households in Haeju City on June 16, and medicines and aid materials, prepared by officials of the Workers’ Party of Korea(WPK) Central Committee and their families with sincerity true to the noble intention of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un, transported to the areas of South Hwanghae Province the following day.

The whole province is now full of hurrahs for the respected General Secretary and the WPK.

It was some days ago when the ill-defined epidemic newly occurred in the Ryongdang area in Haeju City.

The officials of the city and the province worried that COVID-19 situation, which had been markedly stabilized and improved after the rapid decrease of fevered persons, might reverse.

They immediately informed the WPK Central Committee of this fact and took countermeasures against this sudden occurrence.

Then, late at midnight on June 15, a senior official of the South Hwanghae Provincial Party Committee received medicines the respected General Secretary had prepared in his family and sent to the Haeju City Party Committee.

A month before, the respected General Secretary had sent home-prepared medicines to the residents in South Hwanghae Province suffering from the malignant epidemic.

The official was so excited.

Afterwards, the Haeju City Party Committee launched a campaign to supply these medicines pregnant with love of the respected General Secretary to the residents as early as possible.

The following day, residents in Haeju City learnt about the news of the respected General Secretary’s revolutionary activities via TV, radio and officials of the village offices and heads of neighborhood units.

They were so surprised at the news.

Everybody, including those suffering from high fever, medical workers engaged in the tense treatment campaign and others who were worried about colleagues and neighbors, was so shocked that they didn’t know what to say or what to do.

Shortly afterwards, a senior official of the Haeju City Party Committee visited the patients, with the medicines the respected General Secretary sent.

Voices of officials handing over the medicines were wet with excitement and tears rained from the eyes of the residents receiving those medicines.

It was such a touching scene.

At that very moment, another touching scene was being witnessed in the capital city of Pyongyang.

The ardent appeal of the respected General Secretary run through with limitless love for the people and extraordinary sense of responsibility for them roused officials of all the departments of the WPK Central Committee and their families.

South Hwanghae Province is brimming over with our Party’s fervent love.

The people there rise up valiantly, making firm resolutions out of gratitude to the respected General Secretary, our great father.




Rodong Sinmun