Seminar of Women's Union Members in DPRK


A seminar was held at the Hall of Women on June 20 to mark the first anniversary of the letter from the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un to the participants in the Seventh Congress of the Socialist Women's Union of Korea "Let the Women's Union Become a Powerful Unit in Propelling the Advance and Development of Our Style of Socialism".

The seminar heard papers dealing with the validity, scientific accuracy and vitality of the idea and theory clarified in the historic letter.

Speakers stressed that the letter is an immortal banner as it indicated the direction and ways for further enhancing the militant role of women's union organizations in the worthwhile struggle to invariably preserve the proud history and traditions of the Korean women's movement and usher in a period of a new upsurge and great transformation in socialist construction.

They explained that the letter shows a clear path for training all women to be staunch champions and executors of the Party policies who single-heartedly uphold the ideas and instructions of the Party Central Committee.

They stressed the need to wage an offensive ideological education to make the women's union members and other women creditably follow the traditions of loyalty and patriotism.

They referred to the problems arising in preparing the women's union members and other women to be the ones who put their heart and soul into bringing earlier prosperity of the country, possessed of such true outlook on life as valuing state affairs more than home affairs.

They expressed their will to fulfill their responsibility and duty in giving full play to the might of the women's union in the ongoing grand struggle for ushering in a period of overall development of socialist construction.

Present at the seminar were officials of the Central Committee of the women's union and union officials and members in Pyongyang City.

Rodong Sinmun