Anti-epidemic Campaign Intensified in DPRK


Officials in the hygienic and anti-epidemic sector of the DPRK are striving to prevent the spread of malignant infectious disease and exterminate its source.

The Kangwon Provincial Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Centre finds out all possible vacuums of the inroads and spread of the malignant virus in close cooperation with an emergency anti-epidemic organ and strengthens the anti-epidemic surveillance.

It urges the anti-epidemic workers to more responsibly take temperatures, sterilize hands and disinfect vehicles.

The North Hwanghae Provincial Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Centre makes the anti-epidemic workers learn about the operation of disinfectant production facilities at industrial establishments, residential districts and passenger service units, and makes sure that the quality of disinfectant are thoroughly ensured.

The same is true of other provincial hygienic and anti-epidemic centers across the country.

Rodong Sinmun