Health Workers' Devotion in DPRK


Health workers across the DPRK are displaying initiative, responsibility and devotion at the forefront of the emergency anti-epidemic campaign.

The public health sector, in close touch with the emergency anti-epidemic sectors, draw up and standardize scientific treatment tactics and methods while taking technical measures to ensure that medical workers at preventive and curative medical care units cope with the changing anti-epidemic situation by constantly upgrading the guidelines on treatment.

Health workers, who were dispatched to South Hwanghae Province from Kim Man Yu Hospital and Okryu Children's Hospital, and local health workers take a series of preventive measures to probe into, curb, contain and eliminate the spread route and source of an acute enteric epidemic and to prevent the occurrence and spread of seasonal diseases.

Workers of the public health units at all levels are making progress in treatment by ensuring the full operation of the state medical service systems.

Members of the rapid collective diagnosis teams at central hospitals take timely and correct measures for technical aid and treatment on the basis of analyzing the problems arising in local hospitals via telemedicine system.

The level of medical service of all units under the Ministry of Public Health is raised along with the dynamic work to disseminate the remedies and medical techniques for treating COVID-19 that proved effective in clinical practice.

Health workers in Pyongyang, provinces, cities and counties intensify the observation of those without symptoms and the patients suffering from basic diseases, and in particular, the aged, children and pregnant women and nursing mothers, while taking professional measures for treatment as soon as abnormal symptoms are in sight.

According to a section doctor system, intensive medical checkup, treatment and hygienic information activities are more briskly underway.

Members of the rapid diagnosis and treatment teams of the emergency anti-epidemic units across the country are ready for action round the clock and admirably confirm, take and cure cases in close touch with relevant units.

Thanks to more than 1 200 000 medical workers and hygienic workers across the country who devote themselves to confirming and treating cases in a swift and mobile way cooperating with and helping each other, the number of recoveries is on the daily rise.

The medical scientific research sector, including Pyongyang University of Medicine, pushes ahead with developing anti-fever and anti-viral medicines with herbs rich in the country.

Rodong Sinmun