June 19 Shines Forever with Victorious Advance of Revolution


On June 19, Juche 53(1964), Chairman Kim Jong Il started work at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

The day is remembered by our people as a significant day in the history of the country together with October 10, the founding anniversary of the WPK.

That day the Chairman, after having a talk with President Kim Il Sung in real earnest about the Party work, sat up all night at the Party Central Committee. Early the next morning he went out to the garden with officials.

Casting his eyes upon the red Party flag flying over the Party Central Committee building, the Chairman said in a meaningful tone that the history of our Party’s flag began from the time when the President organized the Down-with-Imperialism Union and upheld the red flag of revolution.

After a while he added that we must keep flying high the red flag and fight more vigorously to carry out the cause of the President under the aloft flag of the revolution in spite of any difficulties and trials before the revolution.

Keeping his eyes on the fluttering Party flag he expressed his unshakable faith and will.

He affirmed that our Party must be developed into the glorious party of Comrade Kim Il Sung for all ages and developing the Party into the one of Comrade Kim Il Sung forever was his lifelong task.

With his unyielding will and resolution, he brought about great changes in building the Party and its activities and the Party performed enormous feats in behalf of the country and people, era and history under his guidance.

Dozens of years when the Chairman led the WPK is indeed a heroic-epic course of a prominent leader.

Therefore all the people in this country regard June 19 as the significant day which will shine forever with the history of our Party.

Rodong Sinmun