Root of Life Is People


In September two years ago, Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), inspected the flood-hit area in Taechong-ri of Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province, under reconstruction.

Then and there, he said that it is the most important work for our Party, which regards it as its noble motto to believe in the people as in Heaven and keeps them as its root, to repay the people’s trust.

He leads the Party to keep it as its revolutionary nature and mode of existence to make selfless, devoted efforts for the people, the root of its life, and regard them as Heaven.

Our benevolent Party does all it can to defend the safety of the people and ensure the convenience of their living even in the harsh days of the anti-epidemic war, and unfolds grand construction plans for the people even in the period of manifold severe ordeals and difficulties.

The Fifth Enlarged Plenary Meeting of the Eighth WPK Central Committee indicated the struggle stratagem for strongly propelling the period of comprehensive development of socialism by proactively overcoming all existing difficulties and obstacles.

All these facts clearly show the popular character of our Party which, under the guidance of the peerlessly great man, works for the people single-mindedly with selfless, devoted efforts for the people as its mode of existence and revolutionary climate.

The WPK regards the people as the root of its life and as Heaven it must hold sacred.

It will take full responsibility for the people’s destiny and life and take warm care of them in any storm and stress.

Rodong Sinmun