Beautiful Stories Appeared in Our Age


Tens of Certificates of Support


Pak Kyong Suk, living in the 22nd Neighborhood Unit of Somun-dong in Central District, has tens of certificates of support which she received by supporting to socialist constructions for 30-odd years, though she has not much family properties.

One day nearing the 40th anniversary of victory in the Fatherland Liberation War, Pak was preparing several kinds of aid materials to send to a major construction site.

At that time her little son who had been to his friend’s home for pleasure returned home.

As soon as he came back home he asked Pak when he could have a color TV like his friend’s.

Pak replied with a smile that she was more pleased with the fact that factories and apartments are built across the country than increasing of household goods adding that her family would enjoy rich life when the country becomes prosperous.

Her words were reflection of her sincerity.

With such mind, she devoted her sincerity to major constructions including ones of Huichon Power Station, Changjon District, Wisong Scientists Residential District, Mirae Scientist District and Rymyong District.

In those days Pak had a photo taken with President Kim Il Sung.

She found pride of life in devoting her all to development and prosperity of the country.

Indeed, she can receive respect of a lot of people and lead proud life as she regards the certificates of support, reflected her patriotism for the country, as the valuable family treasure which cannot exchange for anything.


Person Whom I Visited before Others


Pak Yun Chol, who works in a complex under the Ministry of Chemical Industry, left home without having dinner prepared by his wife for informing an official of the glad news before others.

An official is none other than manager Kim Chan Hwa of the complex.

While walking at night to visit him, Pak clearly recollected the various happenings.

A few months ago when he was welding for assembling custom-built equipment, Pak received an unbelievable fact that his last daughter Mi Song was diagnosed that she could not continue to undergo military service due to an unexpected accident.

Since then, Pak could not do his work because of his anxiety and a sense of unease.

At that time Kim Chan Hwa, who fathomed Pak’s thoughts, persuaded Pak not to worry about it but pool efforts and surely make Mi Song stand again at the post.

But Pak could not understand his words at that time.

After that, he heard the news from medical workers of the hospital where his daughter got treatment.

It was that Kim visited the hospital to learn Mi Song’s condition and give necessary medicines with confidence and courage within the day when they had a talk with each other.

That was not all.

He often sent honey and a large quantity of glutinous rice with precious tonics.

Thanks to his utmost sincerity devoted to Mi Song for nearly four months, she could stand again at the post.

He was awakened from his recollection in front of Kim’s office.

“Thank you manager. …”

Looking at him standing with great excitement, Kim Chan Hwa tapped him on the shoulder saying that it is due duty of officials and they should better do undertakings proudly before Mi Song.

The person to be called before others in weal and woe, it is a kind callthat can be given to genuine officials of our age, who regard employees as blood relations and revolutionary comrades and devote all to them.


Rodong Sinmun