Anti-Epidemic Foundations Strengthened in DPRK


The central emergency anti-epidemic sector of the DPRK has pushed ahead with the work to secure advanced anti-epidemic capability by putting the anti-epidemic foundations on a scientific basis.

It provides real-time guidance on the medical checkups and examinations in the relevant regions through the quadruple test information system for COVID-19, while stepping up the work to establish a nationwide test network and raise the accuracy of the test.

Going on in real earnest is the work to set up a high-level test room at all hygienic and anti-epidemic centers across the country.

Directing efforts to the introduction of good experience gained in the anti-epidemic work, it has taken measures to complete an aid system for managing the malignant epidemic spread to correctly predict the spread of the malignant virus.

It also strives to complete the treatment tactics and methods for patients with different symptoms, basic diseases, ages and constitutions.

It hastens the work to predict the occurrence of a new variant virus and work out the treatment methods for coping with it.

It also propels the work to develop antipyretics and antiviral agents with materials abundant in the country and set up a serial production process of ultraviolet disinfectors.

Rodong Sinmun