Inspiring Spirit of Self-reliance and Self-development


First Signal Flare of Self-reliance


One May day in Juche 105(2016), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the exhibition of machinery and equipment manufactured as labor gifts of loyalty to be presented to the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Displayed at the exhibition were a lot of machinery and equipment presented by such fields of the national economy as power, coal, electronic industry, railway transport, land and marine transport, agriculture and land and environment field.

Looking round them provided by the 70-day Campaign of Loyalty at various fields of the national economy, the respected General Secretary expressed great satisfaction.

What he highly appreciated among them was the new-type 80hp tractor made by our own efforts and technology.

Our workers, scientists and technicians manufactured the Korean-style new-type of tractor following the self-reliant fighting spirit of former generations who made the first tractor "Chollima" in the 1950s.

The tractor completely made by our own efforts and technology was not merely a vehicle but the fruition of self-reliance capable of opening the shortcut to the economic power.

That day, seeing with a bright smile on his face the new-type tractor, he said that it looked very nice and great like a handsome guy and befitted iron horse in defending socialism.

He added that the 80hp tractor was like the first signal flare of self-reliance and we made great stride in upholding the slogan of self-reliance by making it.

The first signal flare of self-reliance!

Listening to his saying, the officials kept again in mind that the self-reliance was the source of limitless strength that inspires us to advance along the road of prosperity.


Test Flight That He Conducted in Person


Among the chronicle of immortal leadership taken by the respected General Secretary for kindling the flame of self-reliance and self-development on this land is a meaningful fact that he conducted in person the test flight of the newly-made light airplane by our workers.

One day several years ago, the respected General Secretary saw the newly-made light airplane.

Watching the airplanes soaring up into the air, he expressed his great satisfaction.

After a while, he conducted the test flight irrespective of officials’ repeated deterrence, saying that he had to try taking the airplane as it was produced by our working class and that our scientists, technicians and workers would be glad and launch the dynamic work for attaining a higher goal.

After the test flight, he said with a broad smile on his face that the airplane was very high in its performance, praising the workers for making it well, and warmly asked officials to convey his greetings to them.

That day our officials deeply kept in their mind his warm attachment to ours and absolute trust in our scientists, technicians and workers as well as his noble patriotic will to surely glorify our country in the world by dint of self-reliance and self-development.

Rodong Sinmun