Sincerity for a Worker


One July day, Choe Kum Song, an employee of the Paekma Railway Station, left the hospital of Ponghwa Chemical Factory amid congratulations from many people.

It was one June day when he entered the hospital on account of getting hurt in his leg by an accident.

The hurt was so serious that his leg might be cut off.

Officials and employees of the station devoted their sincerity to him at the news.

Many employees including youth offered their skin to him and Ri Yong Jun did twice as much as others.

Two operations were held successfully.

Choe was moved to tears after knowing that many comrades devoted their skin to him.

Medical workers of the hospital showed the utmost sincerity for Choe.

His condition was speedily improved thanks to the sincerity of many people for him.

They were solicitous for his health after operations.

Among them were an official of the Primary Party Committee of the station who secured various tonics for him and many employees who visited him in the hospital with special foods.

Although Choe was not a famous innovator or a skilled worker, they devoted their sincerity to him regarding him as a member of the socialist large family overflowing with virtues and affection.

Thus, Choe, who could walk after treatment, made up his mind to devote his all to the grateful society and collective.

Rodong Sinmun