Day of Sun Marked Abroad


Events took place in foreign countries from April 4 to 6 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung (Day of the Sun).

They included a remembrance meeting in Nepal and celebrations and book and photo exhibitions in Laos, Britain and Switzerland.

Present there were personages of various circles and masses in the relevant countries.

The chairman of the Nepal Journalist Association for the Study of the Juche Idea and Songun Politics said that the birthday of President Kim Il Sung, the sun of mankind, is the most significant day for the world progressives and he could never forget his benevolent image though forty years have passed since he met and received precious instruction from the President.

The general secretary of the Nepal Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) who was a former deputy prime minister of the Nepalese government noted that it is one of the greatest exploits of President Kim Il Sung to found the immortal Juche idea and thus illuminated the road ahead of mankind.

The chairman of the Korean Friendship Association UK said that President Kim Il Sung is the father of socialist Korea and iron-willed brilliant commander who defeated two imperialisms in one generation, and thanks to the Juche idea founded by him, Korean socialism could dynamically advance.

The chairman of the Switzerland-Korea Committee referred to the fact that Kim Il Sung devoted his all to achieving the cause of national reunification.

Congratulatory messages to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un were adopted at the events held in Nepal, Britain and Switzerland.

Meanwhile, a celebration meeting was held by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on April 8.

Rodong Sinmun