Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Receives Congratulatory Letter
from Central Standing Committee of Chongryon


Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on Monday received a congratulatory letter from the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) on the occasion of the 107th birth anniversary of President
Kim Il Sung.

The letter said that Generalissimo Kim Il Sung is a great master in ideology and theory and peerlessly elder statesman who indicated the road ahead of the era of independence by founding the Juche idea and set an example of the times for advancing the revolution and construction on the principle of independence and the founding father of socialist Korea who laid an eternal foundation for accomplishing the cause of the popular masses for independence and the socialist cause.

It noted that Kim Il Sung who opened the origin of the era of independence is always alive in the minds of the progressive mankind for his contribution to global independence.

It stressed that he is a benefactor to the eternal life of Koreans in Japan as he gave joy of the national liberation and honor of genuine overseas citizens of the DPRK to Koreans in Japan who shed bitter tears of statelessness after being taken to Japan during the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule over Korea and formed Chongryon by setting forth the Juche-based line for making a turn when the movement of Koreans in Japan was at the crossroads of survival or ruin and led it along the road of victory.

It pointed out that all the officials of Chongryon and Koreans in Japan vow to make an advance in the struggle for opening a new heyday of the movement of Koreans in Japan by taking the Juche-based idea of the movement of overseas compatriots set forth by the great Generalissimos and their feats as the treasured sword.

It said that the victory of the patriotic cause of Chongryon advancing along with the cause of Juche is sure to triumph and the future of Chongryon and the community of Koreans in Japan is bright thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Rodong Sinmun