Reality of DPRK Praised by Nepalese Figure


Days ago, a newspaper of Nepal serialized the travelogue of Sonkori Baroti, chairman of the Nepali Literary Forum for the Study of Songun Politics, about his DPRK visit under the title "Newly rising country-DPRK", attracting attention of the public.

He had visited the DPRK on the occasion of the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung (the Day of the Sun). In his travelogue he introduced the DPRK dignified with independence and rising with self-reliance as follows:

The DPRK is the country developing with self-sustenance in which independence is realized.

All the people in the DPRK are building modern cities and accelerating the economic construction weathering all the difficulties with their own efforts despite the economic sanctions and blockade of the hostile forces getting worse day by day.

All these wonderful miracles and achievements are the glorious result of the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung who created the great Juche idea and H.E. Kim Jong Il who pursued the unique Songun politics and Marshal Kim Jong Un who is carrying forward their cause.

The DPRK is the only country where the leader loves the people and the people respect and follow the leader.

The writer introduced citing detailed facts that the Korean people are leading happy life under the benefits of the state, and went on:

We didn't see any one wandering about the streets during our stay in the DPRK.

This is attributable to the government of the country bearing the responsibility for the life of the people and taking care of them.

The people in the DPRK are living with stable jobs.

All the people in the DPRK are also leading an equal and harmonious life.

The writer disclosed that Western media are distorting the reality by fabricating utter nonsense to defame the DPRK where the system for people is established and all kinds of social policies are enforced, and went on:

The leaders of many countries in the world try to maintain their powers relying on the army but Marshal Kim Jong Un, who wins the absolute support and trust from the people, leads the country relying on the strength of the popular masses.

The world will see the DPRK to take fresher appearance in the near future.

Rodong Sinmun