Struggle for Realizing Spirit of Candlelight Resistance Urged in S. Korea


The People's Joint Action in south Korea held a press conference in Seoul on Oct. 30 and expressed its stand to turn out in the general offensive for realizing the spirit of candlelight resistance, according to the south Korean internet paper Jaju Sibo.

A press release was read out at the press conference.

It denounced the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) and the evil forces for getting keen on blocking the spirit of candlelight resistance on the strength of its power and its number of the seats in the "National Assembly", far from apologizing before the people and paying the price for the last three years since the candlelight resistance.

It declared that the people are forced to turn out to eliminate the evils, reform society and settle social inequality and that a mass rally would be held on a large scale at Kwanghwamun on Nov. 30.

It called on all the people to attend the rally and pool their efforts to get the LKP disbanded, win the right of the people to existence, eliminate the pro-plutocrat system and realize peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Rodong Sinmun