Realizing the Lofty Idea of Regarding the People as God


A Yardstick for the Appraisal of Modernization


A few years ago Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected a general control room of a factory.

While Kim Jong Un examined the integrated production system of the factory a technological official concerned explained a measuring device to him and informed him that the workers of his factory each badgered him to install it in their machine first.

Kim Jong Un listened to him carefully. He said that when workers operated a device and spoke highly of it it was really a success in modernization and stressed that we must first begin by modernizing what were to their liking.

The officials could not but reflect on their past work then and there.

They had so far worked in many units to modernize them, but had never determined a success or a failure in their work, judging from what their workers wanted and how much they liked.

But Kim Jong Un has always given top priority to the demand and interests of the people. Learning this view of the people the officials fully understood the true meaning of our Party’s modernization.


The Best Name


Kim Jong Un worked heart and soul with all devotion to build the Rungna Island into a super center for the cultural and emotional lives of the people true to the instructions of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

One April day a few years ago he visited the construction site of the Rungna People’s Recreation Park which was near completion.

It blew so hard that the construction site was full of dust.

In spite of this Kim Jong Un looked round many places of the construction site for a long time.

That day Kim Jong Un said that in his opinion another general name must be given to the Rungna Island but that the word “people” must not at all be excluded from the name. He warmly added that it was most advisable to call the island the Rungna People’s Pleasure Park to honor the lifelong devotion of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il to the people.

The officials were convinced once again that the word “people” was deeply cherished in the heart of Kim Jong Un.


Don’t Begrudge Investments


One Sunday in May 2016 Kim Jong Un visited the Medical Oxygen Factory under construction.

Looking round the construction site he said with great satisfaction that the factory had already shown its appearance and earnestly suggested to the officials that the factory be built into the sole one of the world.

Presently he gave detailed advices on the management of the factory. He said that investments in health should not be begrudged for the people to benefit from medical service better than ever under the socialist health system and adopted benevolent measures to build modern medical oxygen producers like the factory in many parts of the country.

As for the instructions of Kim Jong Un on unlimited investments in the medical service of the people, he is quite ready to pick stars from the sky and grow flowers even on stones to make the people happy.

Kang Won Nam