Drive for Making a Head-on Breakthrough Is Course of Great Changes


Now Korean people have resolutely turned out in the drive for making a head-on breakthrough for taking greater steps forward in the revolutionary advance.

The offensive for making a breakthrough head-on reflects the indomitable offensive spirit and world of creation of the Workers’ Party of Korea to break through head-on all the subjective and objective obstacles and difficulties faced in the course of advance and make a fresh leap forward on all fronts of socialist construction.

Today’s offensive for making a head-on breakthrough is a course of great changes that covers the work of not only a few fields and units but all fields,units and lives of every citizen.

The Party organizations of all fields and units should intensify their ideological education and political work to bring about a revolutionary turn in the work and life of the Party members and the working people as required by the times of the offensive for making a head-on breakthrough and thus help them work new miracles and renovations one after another.

Myong Ju Hyok